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Useful tips to help throughout the year

Personal safety

If you have a personal alarm pendant make sure you have it with you – not hanging somewhere out of reach.

Within the home do not stand on a chair to change a light bulb, wait until a friend calls to assist.

Make sure you have a non-slip mat in your bath or shower.

Leave on a low energy light on at night time in the event of having to get up during the night.

Safety outside the home

Be careful in icy weather- heed all the warnings and stay indoors if advised. Be wary of going outside at the back of your house in the dark in frost. A fall can easily occur.

If out of the house when it is dark always wear high visibility clothing including reflective arm bands. Just because you can see the car does not mean the driver can see you.  It is impossible for motorists to see persons wearing dark clothes.

When going to the Post Office to collect your pension vary your times.

Never leave the Post Office or bank counters without having safely put your money away – never feel rushed.

General safety

Be mindful of strangers calling to your door suggesting doing maintenance work on your house. It is generally not genuine.

If you have a computer or a lap top be aware of people ringing you suggesting you have a problem with your computer. This is a scam with the intention of accessing your bank details.

Never give your debit card and personal pin number to anyone to take out money from the bank ATM or for purchases on your behalf.

Always protect your PIN number, do not write it down in a place where it can be seen or accessed.

Preparation for bad weather

Have a family member or friend check your tank to ensure your oil is adequately filled for the winter.

If severe weather is forecast have a small supply of non-perishable, easy to prepare foods in the house.

In the event of a power cut always have torches available. Be very careful if lighting candles. It can be very easy to either drop one or go to bed forgetting to put the candle out.

Eat regular hot meals and drink plenty of fluids, this will keep you warm.


Always have emergency phone numbers to hand, and numbers of neighbours and friends for easy access.

Health concerns

When getting your flu vaccine make sure your express any other worries or concerns about your health to your Dr. or Practice Nurse.